Training Workshop 4: Fundamentals of MIS

Course: BUS-529 (Fundamentals of MIS)

Training workshop on: 
Data Processing and Automation with Python: Part 2: Capstone Project

Date: September 25, during the class.

On this final training workshop, focus will be given on a practical data-driven project. The project will be created in this training workshop, and later the students have to recreate the same project (as assignment) and they also have to add more functionality.

This is a capstone project. So, we shall apply our previously-acquired knowledge on both SQL and Python on this project.

  • Basic knowledge on SQL (see Chapter 5 Part 2, Part 3, and Training workshop 2)
  • Basic knowledge on Python (see Chapter 6 Part 1, and Training workshop 3)
Required file:
  • "Covid-19 Dashboard Sample" (download via Google Classroom)
Required software:
  • HeidiSQL (already installed in Training Workshop 2)
  • Python 3.7 Runtime (already installed in Training Workshop 3)
  • PyCharm (already installed in Training Workshop 3)

Please keep the required file and required software ready before the start of the workshop.

For your reference, here are the links to the previous workshops:
Contact the CR (Mr. Hussain Ahamed Ullah) in case of any difficulties.