Study Materials

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Business Statistics
■ 17T3-BS-903 Class Test 3
■ 17T3-BS-909 Assignment
■ 17T3-BS-960 Correlation
■ 17T3-BS-961 Class-11 math (Corrected)
■ 17T3-BS-970 Regression Analysis

Economic Development
■ 17T3-ED-1050 Poverty and Inequality

Management Information System
■ 17T3-MIS-1150 Telecommunication and Network (Edition 2)
■ 17T3-MIS-1160 Developing Business IT Strategy

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
■ 17T3-SAPM-1350 Security Market Index (Edition 2)
■ 17T3-SAPM-1360 The Market and CAPM (Edition 2)
■ 17T3-SAPM-1370 The Basics of Portfolio

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