Study Materials

Following PDF files are now available for download.

Management Information System
17T1-MIS-160 Developing Business IT Strategy [p].pdf
17T1-MIS-180 Introduction to Programming (Part A) [p].pdf
17T1-MIS-181 Introduction to Programming (Part B) [p].pdf

Principles and Practice of Insurance
17T1-PPI-260 Principle of Indemnity [p] Version 2.pdf
17T1-PPI-270 Principle of Subrogation [p].pdf
17T1-PPI-280 Principle of Contribution [p].pdf

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
17T1-SAPM-470 Basics of Portfolio Management [p] Version 2.pdf
17T1-SAPM-480 Efficient Portfolio and Risk Diversification [p].pdf