Midterm Exam: Fall 2020

Midterm Examination Rules

Rule 1: Your academic name (registered at FIU) and Google name must be identical. Go to this link to fix your name, if necessary: https://aboutme.google.com

Rule 2: You must enter the exam hall (online) through Google Classroom. A direct link (collected from your friend, for example) will not work – you will not get the access. Only those students, who are registered to the Google Classroom of the respective course, will get automatic access to the exam hall. 

Rule 3: During your viva, you must present yourself over the camera and your face must be clearly visible. Otherwise, your exam will be cancelled (you will be notified), or heavy negative markings may be imposed (without notifying you). 

Rule 4: An absence in the viva-voce part will make you "absent" in the whole midterm exam, even if you have submitted the assignments and attended the quizzes.

Exam Schedule

BUS-3214 (E-Business)
27 Nov. 2:30 PM

BUS-4229 (Corporate Finance)
26 Nov. 6:30 PM

BUS-2312 (Management Information System)
26 Nov. 7:00 PM

FIN-605 (Portfolio Management)
22 Nov. 7:00 PM

BUS-505 (Statistics for Business)
20 Nov. 5:00 PM

Exam format and suggestion

For exam format and suggestion, please login to Google Classroom.