Supplementary / Makeup Exams: Spring 2020

Makeup exams of Spring 2020, both midterm and final, will be held on the Google Classroom and Google Meet platforms. Here are the detailed timetable and rules for the candidates. Other details are available on the Google Classroom.



  1. Only those students, who were absent in the scheduled midterm / final exam, are eligible for the makeup exams.
  2. Student’s academic name (registered at FIU) and Google name must be identical. Otherwise, the student will not be eligible for the online examination. Go to this link to fix your name, if necessary:
  3. During viva/presentation, camera must be switched on and the face of the student must be clearly visible. The authority may impose negative marks or even cancel the whole examination if this condition is not strictly fulfilled.
  4. Students are advised to clear their dues before the exam. Details:
  5. Any further notice regarding these exams will be posted on Google Classroom.