Google Classroom Registration

Summer 2020 (Update on July 2, 2020)

Please visit this link for Google Classroom registration:

Please click here for details.


Spring 2020

In order to prevent the spared of Coronavirus and as per the decision of higher authority, all the classes will remain closed until further notice. Under this circumstance, we will provide study materials and communicate to the students through Google Classroom.

Follow these two steps to join to the class through Google Classroom. 

Step 1: Registration

Click the respective links below for Google Classroom registration. Submit the form, and you will get invitation to join the class within 48 hours. You have to complete the registration process separately for each course.

Step 2: Download the app

To download the Google Classroom Android app from the Play Store, click here >

If you use a laptop or PC, click here >

You may share this page with your classmates via this link: