Midterm Exam: Fall 2019

Midterm examination of the Fall 2019 semester will start form October 25. Detailed schedule of the exam has already been published on the official website of the University.

This notice is targeted to all the students of these courses: BUS-503, BUS-4122, FIN-607, BUS-2312, BUS-4123, BUS-3214, BUS-505.

General instructions:
  • At the very beginning of the exam, make sure that you have got the question paper of "Set-A" (written on the top-right corner of the question paper). Otherwise, inform the invigilator immediately.
  • Bring your admit card.
  • Bring your calculator(s) – mobile phone is not allowed.
  • Read the question multiple times if you cannot understand it at first glance. Do not call the course teacher unless it is absolutely necessary. Remember that you are graduate-level students, not school kids.
  • Wear your ID card.