Project: E-Business

Project of the course BUS-3214 (E-Business):

Topic: Create an online store, where you (the store owner) will showcase some products. Customers may buy those products online, after which an invoice will be emailed to the customer. As the same time, the store owner will also get a notification email containing details of the product, the customer, and delivery address. Payment method is cash-on-delivery.

Reference: See “18T2-EB-Project.pdf” for details.

Deadline: Last date of submission is September 12. Negative markings will be imposed for late submission.

Group: This is a group-work. A group must not contain more than five members. 1.00 marks will be deducted for each additional group members above the maximum limit. Individual project is also accepted.

Note that, details about this project were already announced in the class on August 16.