Assignment: Economic Development

Details of the assignment of BUS-3212 (Economic Development) have already been given on December 18. Here is a summary: 
  • This is a group work. Different topic has been assigned to each group. Maximum group size is 5 members, or less. Individual assignment is also allowed.
  • 1.00 marks will be deducted for each additional group-member above the maximum limit.
  • Front page of your assignment should be based on the specified template. You may also download the template in .doc format from this link:
  • The name and ID of the group members must be clearly written in the boxed section of the front page. Any mistake in ID will result zero marks for that student.
  • Spelling mistake in Teacher’s name will result a deduction of 1.00 marks.
  • Copy-paste is discouraged. Write in your own words. Show mathematical equations and mathematical examples where necessary.
  • The body of the assignment (excluding front pages, table of contents etc) must not be more than 5 pages.
  • Base mark: 10.00

To know the assigned topic of your group, contact the CR (class representative) or click here to download.