Very important: Economic Development in South Asia

Attention all the students of Economic Development in South Asia.

Error correction:

There is a major error in lecture note 330. Details of this error:

Topic: 330-D (page 4 and 5)

This is written on the sheet, incorrectly:
Y =0.3A-0.4B +1.1C -[X(0.2C)+(1-X)(0.3C)]  ---> Incorrect

This is the correct form:
Y =0.3A-0.4B +1.1C -[X(0.2D)+(1-X)(0.3D)]  ---> Correct

Students are highly advised to make this correction.

This error has recently been corrected on the soft copy. If “Version 2” is written on the first page of your copy, then you do not need to make any correction. Otherwise, you should download the soft copy again.

Sample math:

A sample math on Chapter-3 has been uploaded online.

File name: "(16T3-EDSA-331) Sample math [p]"

Students are advised to download this math and practice.
[Note that, this file cannot be downloaded directly from this site. You can get it only via email using an access code. Contact the CR (class representative) if you do not know the access code.]

Problem solving:

If you are a student of the course “Economic Development in South Asia” and if you have any problem on any topic of the Mid Term syllabus, you may get counsel from the course teacher on October 26th during 2:20 to 4:20 PM. This is applicable for both Section A and B.