MIS: The reason behind today’s class cancellation

Previously it was announced that the Lab class of MIS-219 (Management Information System) would be held today. Unfortunately, that class was not held as planned, due to the reason that is explained here.

The UGC (University Grant Commission), which oversees the activities of all public and private universities in Bangladesh, suddenly demanded several syllabus-related documents from the authorities of FIU, with the deadline of 4:00 PM today. As a consequence of this unexpected incident, all the faculty members of School of Business were extremely busy to prepare those documents by 4:00, which caused the cancellation of almost all the scheduled classes after 2 PM, including the class of MIS-219.

What’s next?

On next Thursday, 11th August, the class of MIS-219 will be held as usual. And today’s lab class is scheduled to 16th August (Tuesday) from 2:20 to 4:20 PM.

An extra attendance

Those students who were present today will get an extra attendance.